These are drivebys that are "always open" or, in the case of Smutt Putt Heaven, sometimes opens. Yards not shown here are either unseeable from the street or the yardist has asked to be removed. Remember to respect the art, the yard, and the yardist. And don't hoot at the neighbors!


Smutt Putt Heaven

Smutt Putt Heaven: 509 gate tree lane

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the west lynn gorilla (NEW YARD!!!)710 west lynn street

The gorilla on West Lynn, dolled up to honor the holiday du jour, is an Austin art yard classic.


the el paso bridge402 el paso street stop in at the bridge 

Just to the east of this address is a small art deco-ish bridge that Stefanie Distefano has slowly been turning into a huge (and gorgeous) mosaic. Giant koi fan across the sidewalk while city scenes peek out from the concrete drainage below. And don't miss taking a peek at the southern end of the bridge!


comfort yard for a comfort house515 kemp street

Florence Ponziano opens her home to area children as a safe (and fun!) place to be. Her energy is infectious, and her yard and home are vivid expressions of her positive artistic energy. Florance is an accomplished mosaic artist, well known for her magically adorned guitars (and bras!).


25314_346162625745_291632700745_4693997_6466642_nira poole's classic: 2400 mlk 
This front yard is a classic of Austin art yards. This stalwart of an art yard has been here since 1972 meeting and greeting visitors to this fine city from the East.


the tree of tooth: 3404 kirby lane
Overheard at a dentists' convention: "The tooth? THE TOOTH?!?!?! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TOOTH!!!!!"



alleycat: 1401 corona drive 
Where do bowling balls go when they've lost their (rock and) roll? LuCretia Sisk's front yard seems to be the place. Several hundred bowling balls tastefully arranged in this yard featured by John Kelso and Texas Monthly.



sparky texas: 3701 grooms street 
A cool little pocket park nestled into a fold of Hyde Park. Features a karstic grotto wall fused about the structure of a electric sub-station.



black & white: 4605 philco drive 
Clinton Hofmeister, who's involved with an art program for teens at the Dougherty Art Center, has populated his front yard with large, abstract, Picasso-esque sculptures made out of cardboard. 


IMG_6642flower power: 4715 philco drive
PJ Liles takes scrap metal and turns it into art, often flowers and hearts. His front yard is ablooming with giant metal fan blades and gears. 


IMG_6690jim hates work: 208 w north loop blvd
Yardist Jim Mansour may hate work, but he loves his giant lollipop (soon to be bear head) in his front yard. His back yard features various assemblages and a good time. As seen in "Humble Trash" and written up by John Kelso.


IMG_6741yellowball: 2212 alta vista 
YellowBall says it all: A collection of spherical objects in the hue of Big Bird.